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The Honest Guys brings you an exciting new fantasy-based project.

We have created the foundations of a brand-new fantasy world that we have named Navarr, which you will get to explore through our guided visualisations and stories.
This new world will unfold, taking you on fantastical journeys allowing you to experience it for yourself.

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Navarr is a place of beauty, of vast mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, of deserts, jungles, glimmerings seas. It is a world built of the powers of the Elder Races who left the Earth long ago.

Here they settled in their various realms. Dragons flew the clear skies, Elves dwelt in shining palaces, water spirits swam in the lakes, amid seas, and danced in the waterfalls, while forest dwellers merged with the great trees. And, in a distant land, settled the ancient darkness that had followed them, an enemy from the Old World, from Earth.

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The journey begins with our new album "The Fantasy Worlds Collection" that will introduce you a small section of the world, introducing charismatic and powerful new characters with whom you will interact in this magical new place.

Over time, this webpage will become the central hub for the world of Navarr, expanding as the project grows, providing a wealth of support information, backstories and lore to compliment the guided visualisations and meditations that we will create in it.

  Map of Navarr

  The North March**

  • The North March of Navarr stretches from the High Citadel to the shores of the Shadow Ocean.
  • The Mountains, called the Stormbirth, hide secret valleys, strange creatures and are the birthplace of the mighty river Syrene that debouches into the Shadow Ocean at the Sea Haven.
  • The waters of the Syrene are clear and mysterious, home of the water spirits. A tributary of it runs into the lonely, deep and beautiful lake called Moondeep.
  • North and west, across a tumble of green, wooded hills, lies the forest of Ellorn, said to be inhabited by the people of the trees, shape shifters and guardians of the trees. In hidden glades the great unicorns are sometimes glimpsed.
  • Eastward sweep the wide, rich Grasslands of Rayne, home of the great wolves of Navarr and the wild horses than run before the winds.
  • The Towers of the Wind, great citadel of the Elves was founded in the lower mountains, half way between the mountains and the sea. From it, one may look north to the mighty teeth of the Stormbirth and the High Citadel of the Dragonlords, or south, across green, fertile lands, toward the sea.
  • The Sea Haven, the oldest settlement of the Elves in Navarr, is built where the Syrene flows into a shallow bay. The bay is rich with sea-life and the sea-folk are said to protect it from the shadows that flow north across the ocean from the Dark Lands.
  • Fishing vessels ply no further than the bay, and other ships heading west and east hug the coast. In recent times, the sea-folk have fled the deeper ocean, speaking of sorcery and of battle beneath the waves. Many of their kind have vanished.
  • The North March is beautiful, wealthy, from its glittering shores to the ice-carved peaks of the mountains, but ever it turns its face south, to the shadow of the Dark...

**This map is still in development and will evolve over time.


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