The Ultimate Sleep Album (Volume 2)

A SUPER-VALUE Collection of Guided Sleep Meditations


A superb value-for-money album containing 10 professionally recorded,  sleep talk-down tracks, each designed to gently lull you to a blissful deep sleep.  

Each track gently guides you into an ultra-deep state of relaxation whilst you visit natural and serene places with ambient and atmospheric soundscapes.

These carefully made recordings use a deep and calming English male voice, blended with very high quality ambient sound effects and soothing music that will provide you with a highly enjoyable experience as they lull you off to sleep easily and without any effort on your part.

Fall asleep to the sounds of a summer evening thunderstorm knowing you are safe and cozy in bed, or listen to the soothing silky undertones of a mountain river.



Enjoy the sleepy ebb and flow of the ocean on a twilight beach or be lulled into a deep sleep in the coziness of a cottage in the snow. Revel in the relaxation of receiving a healing massage as you fall asleep. 

These are just some of the options available to you with this official album, which contains 10 of the current best and most popular guided sleep talk-down tracks by "The Honest Guys", well known for their guided meditations on YouTube.

All tracks are best enjoyed in headphones to benefit from the immersive effect of the high quality sounds, but the tracks should also still be effective without headphones.


This collection provides superb value-for-money when compared to buying the tracks individually!



Album Contents:  (Samples available below)


Track 1: Introduction   (02:22)    

A short thank you message from The Honest Guys and a brief overview of how the album works


Track 2: The Cottage in the Snow (Guided Sleep Talk Down: Fantasy)   (30.25)

This very high-quality guided meditation will take you for a walk in the snow-crisp winter woods to the relaxing warmth and coziness of your own cabin or cottage. As it grows dark you will sit before a comforting fire as the snow falls over the land.


Track 3: The Starry Night (Gentle Sleep Talk Down: Under the Stars)     (13.37)

Let your senses soak in the beauty of the rising stars in this guided sleep talk-down. From the first stars appearing to the glory of the Milky Way curving across the sky, this meditation will both guide you into sleep and give you a sense of the wonder of the universe.


Track 4: The River of Life (Gentle Sleep talk-down With Mountain River)     (30:10)

Let this peaceful river draw away all the old thoughts that do not serve you anymore, and bring you health, abundance, love and joy. This guided sleep meditation will take you to a beautiful summer river where you can easily and effectively change your life for the better.


Track 5: Healing Hands (Receive a Virtual Healing Massage as you Fall Asleep)    (35:32)

During this deep sleep guided meditation, healing hands will move from your head to your toes, taking away all tension, stress or pain, leaving you soothed, relaxed and able to drift gently into sleep.


Track 6: The Autumn Village (Guided Sleep Talk Down: Fantasy)       (20:37)

Take a quiet stroll through a peaceful village on a misty autumn evening. Let the gentle, guiding voice paint a picture of what you see and allow your mind to follow it as you walk, or sit and relax. It will guide you to your own cozy cottage where you can sit on the porch and watch as the autumn wind rises with the oncoming night.


Track 7: Summer Evening Thunderstorm (Relaxing Talk-Down With Thunder Sounds)     (31:50)

In this guided sleep talk-down, relax as a summer thunderstorm gently rolls in, freshening the night air. You are safe and warm, and can feel cozy as you ease toward sleep, while the thunder mutters and the rain falls. This video has a gentle non-waking fade at the end.


Track 8: The Edge of Faerie  (Guided Sleep Talk-Down: Fantasy)      (22:41)

let us guide you to a place drenched in summer, an old land where myths are sometimes seen and heard. Sightings of the Fair Folk have been known in this place, and as we take you into the woods, keep your mind open. Who knows what you might see?


Track 9:  The Twilight Beach (Guided Sleep Talk-Down on a Secluded Beach)     (30:01)

This guided sleep meditation / visualization will gently lead you on a peaceful walk to a secluded beach where you will watch the sun set and the stars come out as a small beach-fire flickers. It is a time of complete tranquility, refreshing and relaxing your mind and body quietly into sleep.


Track 10:  Summer Serenity (Sleep Talk-Down in a Wildflower Meadow)       (22:20)

Let this deeply peaceful guided sleep meditation talk down, take you gently into the warmth and tranquility of summer, of benign, beautiful weather, the scents and sounds of the season. Slowly, it will allow you to relax and fall asleep.


Track 11:  Windsong (Gentle Sleep Talk-Down With Wind Nature Sounds)        (20:47)

In this guided sleep meditation, you will be gently guided toward relaxation and sleep with the sound of the wind. Let yourself relax and be drawn into the comfort and tranquility of the eternal song of the wind.




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