Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke


One of the quality artists we have been working with is Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, founder of Enlightened Audio.  

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Christopher's work is respected and admired by therapists and light workers across the the globe for the outstanding and healing musical productions he creates.

We are proud to be able to work with Christopher and showcase his amazing music and talent across our channel through our spoken recordings and music videos.


Christopher Lloyd Clarke Bio
Christopher is a composer who specializes in music for deep relaxation, healing and enhanced meditation. He has been making music and practicing meditation for over 20 years. From his studio in beautiful Apollo Bay on the southern coast of Australia, his ongoing mission is to create music that helps people live happier, healthier and more peaceful lives.


Christopher is the founder of The Guided Meditation Site and the director of the music licensing company, Enlightened Audio. He has degrees in biological science and metaphysical science and has also trained in sound healing, energy healing and audio production.

Christopher collaborates with professional therapists and healers around the world to create soothing music that helps their clients relax. His connection to this global network of professionals has given him a unique insight into how to create music that encourages deep relaxation, healing, spiritual awakening and other altered states of consciousness.


Today, Christopher’s music is used by thousands of professional meditation teachers, hypnotherapists, psychologists and holistic healers. This includes larger institutions such as the Australian Cancer Council, which used his music to create a guided meditation for their patients. Some US Army bases use Christopher’s music to help soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and his music is also used in some of the world’s more progressive schools to help their students relax and focus.
Christopher’s music has been featured in countless hypnosis and guided meditation recordings, YouTube videos and relaxation apps. Luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Neale Donald Walsch, Julian Lennon and others have all featured his music in their audio productions.

Christopher absolutely loves making music. His studio is situated in a quiet country location in the midst of rolling hills and ocean views. It’s one of the few studios where you'll find plenty of pillows, blankets and yoga mats. When he’s not composing, you may find him reviewing his music while meditating or stretching out on the floor. Christopher likes to call this "quality testing". Drifting into blissful sleep is a sure sign of a job well done.
Christopher also enjoys surfing, spending time in nature, doing yoga and eating more cake than he should. Inner peace is one of his highest priorities, so he lives a particularly quiet life with plenty of time devoted to meditation and relaxation.