The Fantasy worlds Collection

Epic Fantasy Guided Visualisations & Meditations

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fantasy guided meditations

A unique collection of high-quality, easy-to-use, epic-story-driven guided meditations and visualisations based in fantasy worlds.

Escape into a fantasy world where you can ride a dragon, run with a wolf pack, meet mystical elves and even a unicorn. You will become the centre of events in this magical world of possibilities and beauty.

Let your mind be guided into the realms of the imagination and soar free even as your body relaxes and rests.

Contains over 3.5 hours of listening material.

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The album comes in two segments...

Segment 1: Guided Visualisations:

Welcome to Navarr, a world where the Elder Races settled when they left our own world in long ago times. It is a place of beauty, mystery - and an ancient shadow.  You are about to enter Navarr and experience its magic and wonder for yourself.

Featuring brand new meditations, and introducing charismatic and powerful new characters with whom you will interact in this magical new world.

The album also features an epic follow-up to our popular 'Running With Wolves' track; "Running with the Wolves 2 - The Journey." Run with the Alpha wolf as he gathers his pack and journeys across the lands of Navarr.

Segment 2: Guided Meditations:

Segment 2 includes a selection of guided meditations set outside of the Navarr world. It includes a remastered version of The Elven Valley, (formerly The Peaceful Valley) originally released in 2013. This 2018 version includes improved audio and new music.

Other tracks include four of our most popular fantasy-themed meditations from our collection on YouTube.

Featuring meeting the unicorn in The Unicorn Glade, receiving blessings from the Fae in The Fairy Blessing, send your dreams and desires out into the Universe with The Wishing Well of Abundance, and finally relax and drift into sleep with The Cottage in the Snow.

Album track list...

Segment 1 : Guided Visualisations:

    1. Introduction to the World of Navarr**
    2. Dragon Rider **
    3. The Sea Haven **
    4. The Towers of the Wind **
    5. Navarr -Epilogue to part 1 **
    6. Running With the Wolves 2 (The Journey)

Segment 2: Guided Meditations:

    1. The Elven Valley (2018 Remastered Edition) **
    2. The Unicorn Glade
    3. A Faerie Blessing & Healing
    4. The Wishing Well of Abundance
    5. Cottage in the snow (Guided Sleep Talk-down)

** (Brand new tracks previously unreleased)

Total running time:  3hrs 40mins 14sec


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The Best Experience

The ultimate point of these recordings is pure escapism and relaxation, and The Honest Guys approach to creating these guided visialisations and meditations, is second to none.

Their recordings are meticulously made and considered to be some of the best in the world according to the myriad of comments and feedback they receive from their YouTube fans.

At the time of this album being published, The Honest Guys Meditations had acrued over 239 million views. They are considered by many as world-leaders in this field.

Step through a portal into another world...

Step through a portal into another world...

Which tracks to choose..

If you seek mostly distraction and/or escapism, then we recommend you choose one of the tracks from the first segment of the album (Tracks 1-6).

If you seek deep relaxation or calmness, then we suggest choosing one of the tracks from the second segment of the album (tracks 7-10).
Track 11 (the Cottage in the Snow) is designed primarily as a sleep talk-down track and is especially recommended for bed time.

Album Contents

Segment I: Guided Visualisations:

Track 1: Introduction to the World of Navarr (04:54)
A brief introduction to the world of Navarr; learn its origins and those who live there. Prepare for the great adventures to come.

Track 2: Dragon Rider (33:23)
In this world dragons dwell in their mountain citadel, a place few humans have ever ventured. Perhaps you will be one of those who do...

Track 3: The Sea Haven (22:20)
Elves dwell in this spacious haven on the shores of the Sea of Shadow. Meet one of their wardens, guardians of their realms.

Track 4: The Towers of the Wind (21:22)
Below the High Citadel of the Dragons, Elves built the city called the Towers of the Wind. Find yourself welcomed in this ancient and mystical place......

Track 5: Navarr - Epilogue to part 1 (01:37)
You have experienced a little of the world of Navarr, but much more lies in wait for you. As the story unfolds, you will be needed.

Track 6: Running With the Wolves 2 (The Journey) (29:55)
Enter the world of Navarr once again, where you will meet the Alpha wolf of the pack. Help him to gather the wolves to race the wind across this beautiful world.


Segment II: Guided Meditations:

Track 7:The Elven Valley (2018 Edition) (23:16)
Enter the hidden and beautiful realm where Elves still dwell between the mountains and the sea. Walk among the beautiful gardens and houses, feel the peace, the mystery and ancient history that surrounds the Elves. This is a remade version of our popular 2013 Peaceful Valley Meditation with improved audio effects and brand new music.

Track 8:The Unicorn Glade (19:13)
Enter an enchanted glade in a peaceful forest and, as the stars come out, you will see a creature out of legend, a vision that very few have ever been granted...

Track 9: A Faerie Blessing & Healing (19:52)
This is a powerful and healing journey into a time and place forgotten by the world, with a superb voice-over and delightful imagery for your mind. Here creatures of legend may appear to those who believe in them

Track 10: The Wishing Well of Abundance (13:57)
In this magical world, you may drink from the wishing well, filled to the brim with the waters of abundance. As you do so, bring your dreams and hopes into your mind.

Track 11: Cottage in the snow (Guided Sleep Talk-down) (30:25)
This guided meditation will take you for a walk in the snow-crisp winter woods to the relaxing warmth and coziness of your own cabin or cottage. As it grows dark you will sit before a comforting fire as the snow falls over the land.

fantasy album cover6 - in wide format.jpg

A Unique & High-Quality Album

With a host of brand new, previously unreleased recordings*, The Fantasy worlds Collection offers some of the most unique guided visialisations and meditations on the planet. It contains some of the best work to-date created by The Honest Guys.

Each recording provides a deeply immersive experience that is pleasant and entertaining to listen to, where you, yourself are the focus of the stories. They contain very high-quality music soundtracks, and the experience is said to be like that of listening to a high-budget movie, whilst seeing it play-out in your mind.

Much of the specially-chosen music used, is timeless; orchestral, epic and poignant..


immersive experience

Escape and Relax

(How to use this album)

Sometime we just need to step-back; to escape for a while and take time to relax. Stress is insidious and can be present in all our lives. We can even forget it as it comes to seem so normal, but it can be extremely damaging to the body and mind.

The Fantasy worlds Collection will help you to relieve that stress, taking you into another world for a time. It is simple to use; all you need is some time to yourself and, ideally, a pair of headphones. You can even use it before you go to sleep. The benefits are the same as any guided meditation.


Use Regularly

Regular use of our guided meditations for deep relaxation, can have extremely positive effects on your health and wellbeing. It has been shown to have an accumulative effect, the more you do it, the greater the health benefits you will notice.

This album contains brand new material from The Honest Guys, not available elsewhere**

The audio is best enjoyed through headphones to benefit from the immersive effect of the high-quality soundtracks, but the recordings can also used without headphones.

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fantasy worlds guided visualisation
fantasy album the honest guys

Longer Samples

This is a video containing some longer samples from the album. Time indexes are listed immediately below the video...


0:00 introduction
1:08 Track 2 - "Dragon Rider"
4:03 Track 3 - "The Sea Haven"
6:00 Track 4 - "Towers of The Wind"
8:10 Track 5 - "Navarr Epilogue"
8:49 Track 6 - "Running With The Wolves II (The Journey)
12:28 Track 7 - "The Elven Valley"
17:55 Track 8 - "The Unicorn Glade"

Available now direct from our CDBaby shop or

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About The Honest Guys

Since 2009 we have been creating high quality, stress-busting guided meditations, visualisations and other recordings for relaxation, health, healing and enlightenment. Our scripts are professionally written and voiced over with a deep but gentle English Male voice. We use extremely high quality music and/or sound effects to help set the right mood. Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible. We have no religious or any other affiliations and we try to keep most of our meditations suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, culture or belief.


About Our Meditations:

Our meditation are fundamentally designed to let people reach a deep sense of relaxation, have inspiration and moments of peace, with absolute ease and no training required whatsoever. Meditation is a scientifically proven stress relieving activity, and when done on a regular basis can provide some extremely valuable health benefits.
Daily listening can have a cumulative effect and can help you gain superb and tangible health benefits, including, less stress, better sleep, better concentration, sharper thinking, reduced anxiety, and much more, the list can be endless.
Our Meditations are in the format of guided, first-person-perspective stories set in pleasant environments that are usually very atmospheric. We add a gentle story narration, sound effects and good quality music that correspond with the storyline, to create the ambiance of a scene which ultimately, through the power of your mind, can make it seem like you are there.



Do not use any of our material whilst driving or in any situation where it is not safe to fall asleep. All media content provided by "The Honest Guys" is intended for entertainment purposes only. We are not affiliated to any Health agencies. None of our content is intended to offer medical or health related advice and must never be used as such. Our content is not a substitute for qualified medical advice or practice. Never make alterations to any medications or health regimes you may be on, without first consulting your doctor or a qualified medical professional. We accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage in any shape or form, incurred in part or in whole, as a direct or indirect result of any use or reliance upon the information and material provided here. We are unable to provide any warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information contained within these recordings or in any related material created by The Honest Guys.


*Tracks 1 to 5 only available on this album at time of its publication. Track availability is subject to change.


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