MP3 (3-Track Mini-Album): "Guided Pain Relief and Healing " - Digital Download

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Guided Pain Relief FRONT.jpg

MP3 (3-Track Mini-Album): "Guided Pain Relief and Healing " - Digital Download


Powerful Guided Meditations to Heal and Ease Pain.

Immediate MP3 Digital Download Version

(The Physical audio CD Version is available from HERE)

A collection of three of our most popular self-healing guided-audio tracks (45+ minutes), specifically chosen to relax you, promote pain relief and healing.

Each track uses a calming English male voice blended with high quality ambient sound effects and soothing music, providing a deeply immersive experience in ambient and atmospheric soundscapes, that is pleasant and entertaining to listen to.

Use these meditations as part of a toolkit in your own self-care in addition to that provided by your health care professional.

Use Regularly.

Regular use of guided meditations can have extremely positive effects on your health and well being. It has been shown to have an accumulative effect, the more you do it, the greater the health benefits you will notice.

The audio is best enjoyed through headphones to benefit from the immersive effect of the high-quality soundtracks.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions or issues you may have regarding medical matters.

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Additional Information

Enjoy a sample from the disc using the player below (best experienced with headphones)…

Track List

Track 1. "The Cleansing Pool" Guided Meditation for Pain Relief & Healing

In a secluded garden, a healing pool awaits you. Step into its cleansing waters, and feel them washing away stress and pain.

Track 2. Guided Meditation: "Self Healing & Pain Relief

In this guided meditation, a calming voice will talk you through a full body scan with healing light, that can help provide pain relief and healing. You will send yourself loving thoughts throughout this powerful meditation.

Track 3. "Gentle Headache Relief" Guided Healing

These gentle exercises can help to reduce headache pain. We have tried them ourselves and they are effective. Remember to take any medication you are prescribed for headaches, and that these exercises are most effective before the headache takes hold.

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