What we do...

We create a way for all people to effortlessly experience a profound sense of deep relaxation, without ever having to learn any special skills or techniques.  We offer this in the form of guided meditations and guided visualisations.

The act of meditation can bring about amazing, tangible, even life-changing benefits to your health and wellbeing. It costs nothing,  requires no special skills, and it can be done anywhere at any time of day.

The act of getting into that deep state of meditative relaxation for just 20 minutes a day, can provide you with superb and extremely powerful benefits to your health and wellbeing.  Meditating regularly (ideally daily), can also have a cumulative effect, and help you to see genuine, real and tangible improvements in your wellbeing and state of mind, including less stress, better sleep, better concentration, sharper thinking, reduced anxiety, greater creativity, and much more.
The very best thing of all though, is how incredibly simple and easy it is to achieve…


Guided Meditations?

guided meditation

Meditation at its most basic level is the very simple act of intentionally allowing your body and mind to go into an extremely deep state of relaxation. Of course, there are more advanced methods available to those who wish to take it further, but those advanced methods are not necessary for you to begin reaping the incredible and powerful health benefits that this deep relaxation practice can produce.

Our guided meditations are high quality audio recordings, fundamentally designed to help people reach a deeply relaxed meditative state with absolute ease and no training or ability whatsoever.  As easy as listening to music or an audio story, they are crafted to be highly effective on everyone, including those who believe they "can't meditate."

Our audio can take you into a deeply relaxed meditative state quickly and efficiently from where you can reap the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer, as well as experience profound calmness, inspiration and insight.


Guided Visualisations?

guided visualisation

Guided visualisations are just like guided meditations, but they are more story-driven. The storytelling can often be more indepth, upbeat or dramatic. They still provide a deeply immersive and relaxing experience, but offer a higher level of stimulation for the mind whilst the body still gets to enjoy deep levels of relaxation and the benefits that provides.

Our guided visualisations are very popular among those who like to take a break from the routine of regular guided meditations. They are also ideal for folks who find it more difficult to slow down and relax.

Guided visualisations are quite useful, clever even, because they can engage and distract the mind, entertaining it, while the body is given the opportunity to reap the benefits of deep-relaxation, often without the listener realising they have achieved the deep-relaxation state. Only when the track ends do they discover just how deeply relaxed they have become. 

We also reccomend guided visualisations to anyone who thinks they 'can't meditate' and is not convinced by the idea of guided meditation. They are always pleasantly surprised by just how much they enjoyed the experience and by how effective it was.


guided visualisation

We do all the work for you!

Our meditations and visualisations are very pleasant and entertaining to listen to. With high quality music, stereo and immersive sound effects, and a gentle guiding voice.  We guide you through the wonderful and enjoyable process of reaching that blissful state of ultra-deep relaxation, often whilst offering you amazing visualisations of comforting, dreamlike, even mystical worlds.

The recordings are often in the format of first-person-perspective stories set in pleasant and agreeable environments that are usually very atmospheric.  We add a gentle story narration, sound effects and high-quality music that correspond with the storyline, to create the ambiance of a scene which ultimately, through the power of your mind, can make it seem like you are there.

Our listeners say they often start to reach a state of deep relaxation within a minute or two, and many have their favourite tracks they listen to daily.  We are also told all the time, of the amazing health benefits people are noticing from using our guided meditation audio recordings.

Just read through some of our YouTube comments and see for yourself.

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