MP3: 'I AM' AFFIRMATIONS (With Subtle Music) 432Hz - Digital Download


MP3: 'I AM' AFFIRMATIONS (With Subtle Music) 432Hz - Digital Download


(VERY POWERFUL!) Daily Affirmations. Self love affirmations

Immediate MP3 Digital Download Version

(The Physical audio CD Version is available from HERE)

"I Am" Affirmations (With Subtle music at 432Hz)

High-quality "I Am" affirmations with subtle music tones set in the tuning range of 432Hz. Played in the background, these daily affirmations will help to focus your mind on success, positive thinking and self-love. The gentle deep English male voice will offer a wide host of spoken affirmations, with the option for you to repeat them if you wish..

The subtle music is set within the tuning frequency of 432Hz (Middle-C). 432 is said to be mathematically consistent with the universe and to be in harmony with the breath of the Earth.

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