Our Verified Official Outlets

Copyright theft is rampant and our material has found its way onto hundreds, if not thousands of illegal Music download sites!

Piracy can destroy small independent creators like ourselves. We have always wanted to provide free content on YouTube — and will continue to do so — but we also sell our content as people do want to buy it for their offline use. These sales help enable us to keep doing what we do.

If you do buy or download any of our content, please do ensure you go to one of the following recognized sites. These are trusted networks who host our work under The Honest Guys name. 

We would also ask if you see our content anywhere but these sites to please contact us with details.

 Please only obtain The Honest Guys audio recordings from the following recognized and well-known outlets.



 CDBaby store


Amazon Music

Google Play




We currently only have our content on 3 Apps:

If you see our material on any other app, please do let us know.



We are officially on the following streaming services:

  • Spotify

  • Amazon Alexa App (The Honest Guys Skill)

  • Amazon

  • Pandora

  • YouTube Music

  • Deezer

  • Shazam

  • Tidal

  • KKBox

  • Line Music

  • Napster

  • 8Tracks

  • Saavn

  • AWA

  • Claro música

  • Kuack

  • Anghami

  • iHeartRadio

  • Medianet

  • Akazoo

  • Slacker

  • 24-7

  • 7digital

  • Yandex.Music

  • InProdicon

  • United Media Agency


The above sites are all official sites deemed safe. If you find our material on any other outlet, please know that it is NOT a recognized outlet and you will likely be supporting piracy. It can also seriously endanger your privacy and security if you purchase or download from pirate sites.

We encourage folks to support our work by purchasing our albums, but alternatively, you could buy us a coffee here, or support us through Patreon.