The Ultimate Self-Improvement Collection Album

Become the person you want to be



The Ultimate Self-improvement Collection is a unique selection of 12 professionally recorded, guided meditation audio tracks, designed to help you become the person you want to be.

Each recording provides an immersive experience that is very pleasant and entertaining to listen to. With high quality music, real sound effects and a gentle, deep English(UK) male guiding voice.

Believe in Yourself

So many people live a life they do not want, their true talents and desires lost under day-to-day pressures. Few people are taught to value or believe in themselves; we're told it's arrogant or self-absorbed, and so we come to belittle ourselves and believe we are less than we are. But everything begins in the mind and all through history people have overcome what we would call impossible odds to live the lives they want.  They're still doing it today.

love yourself

The mind-body connection is not some abstract concept; recently, doctors have suggested that people with serious diseases were more likely to recover and live longer if they were positive and pro-active.

Realise your potential

You have massive, incredible potential, you have stardust in your veins and dreams in your soul. Tend your mind as if it were a garden, cherish yourself, realize how amazing and unique you are, and believe in yourself.

Simplicity itself

As simple as listening to music, these meditations are extremely easy to use, and practiced regularly, can shift your mind and thoughts from negative or neutral to positive and energized, and change your life in a myriad of wonderful ways.

guided meditation

Immersive experience

Each audio track provides an immersive experience that is very pleasant and entertaining to listen to.

All of the tracks (apart from track 1- Morning Uplift) will guide you through the wonderful and highly enjoyable process of reaching a blissfully relaxed meditative state, from where you can gain insight, personal improvement and benefit from all the subjects covered on the album.

As easy as listening to music, our audio is designed to be highly effective on most people, including those not really ‘into’ meditation, and it can get you into the deeply relaxed, meditative state, quickly and efficiently.

Daily listening can have a cumulative effect. As well as self-improvement, it can help you gain superb and tangible health benefits too, including, less stress, better sleep, better concentration, sharper thinking, reduced anxiety, and much, much more.

The audio tracks are best enjoyed in headphones to benefit from the immersive effect of the high quality sounds, but they can also still be effective without headphones.

There are 30 second samples of each album track further down the page…


Album Contents:  (Samples available below)


Track 1: Introduction

A short thank you message from The Honest Guys and a brief overview of how the album works


Track 2: Morning Uplift: You Are Amazing!

Start your morning with confidence as we affirm that your life can change, that wonderful things can happen, and that you deserve them, because you are amazing!.


Track 3: Creating Abundance (Guided Meditation)

Learn how to create abundance in your life with this simple guided meditation created for regular use. Bring richness to your world and into your life. Become an attractor of love, wealth and fulfillment.


Track 4: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness has been shown to be very beneficial. In this guided mindfulness meditation you can learn to be completely present in the moment, letting go of your thoughts and achieving calmness.


Track 5: Seeing Your True Self (Guided Meditation)

See your true potential, beauty and brilliance by using this guided meditation to strip away old beliefs. Remove the blocks of your old thinking and discover the person you always have been but may never have truly seen before — an amazing, wonderful human being.


Track 6: Guided Meditation for Creativity

Even creative people sometimes need a boost. This simple guided meditation will help you to tap into and exercise your imagination so easily you will hardly even realize it. This visualization with ambient sounds can be used at any time to enrich your creativity.


Track 7: Love Yourself (Self Confidence Exercise)

Use this self-confidence exercise daily to teach you to love yourself. You are worthy of loving yourself, as treating yourself as a wonderful person. Start your journey to self-love and acceptance with us.


Track 8: Improve Relationships (Guided Meditation)

Learn how to improve any relationship in your life with this simple, yet profound meditation. For any-one from friends to lovers, this guided meditation can help to bring you closer to the kind of relationship you want.


Track 9: Positive Life Affirmations (Uplifting Daily Exercise)

This positive affirmation exercise can be used daily to uplift you and to set and maintain new patterns of self-belief and confidence. Repeat the affirmations to yourself each time you use this video.


Track 10: Improve Patience & Discipline (Guided Meditation)

Gently learn how to become more patient and have greater self-discipline in this relaxing guided meditation. Created to be used at any time, you can allow this meditation to strengthen both these attributes easily and peacefully.


Track 11: Stop Negative Self-Talk (Guided Exercise)

This guided exercise can help you to rid you of the negative self-talk that afflicts many people and prevents them from finding any pleasure in life. We encourage people to practise this exercise daily, until it becomes second nature.


Track 12: Letting Go (Guided Meditation)

Let go of thoughts and/or habits that do not serve you in this gentle guided meditation. You can begin to release old and new thought-patterns or stuck emotions that weigh you down and hold you back. Let them go.


Track 13: Clearing Negativity (Guided Meditation)

A safe and empowering journey with your personal guardian of light and protector to rid yourself of negativity and any burdens you may be carrying.


This collection provides superb value for money when compared to buying the tracks individually!


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