The Elven Odyssey

Guided Meditation Fantasy-Themed Album



The Honest Guys are thrilled to announce that our long-awaited Elven Guided Fantasy Meditation Album is now available! It contains 80 minutes (3 whole tracks) of brand new material currently only available on this album.

Inspired by stories such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this album contains a unique selection of 4 professionally recorded fantasy Guided Meditation stories, all based on the mystical Elves.

 In these high quality recordings, YOU get to become the main character, meeting and interacting with the Elves as they prepare for their epic journey home.


The recordings consist of a gentle English male guiding voice blended with high quality sound effects and some of the most descriptive and epic music ever found in recordings of this nature.

From the misty forests where you will enjoy the company of Elves, to the shores of the west. You will experience the grandeur of the Elven King's forest halls, the golden peace of the hidden waterfall valley, eventually finding yourself on the shores of the western sea where you can join the Elves as they set sail on an epic and inspired journey.


**Please note: These 4 tracks were first published on our previous limited-release album: From Shire To Shore

(no longer available). If you purchased that album, you do not need to buy this one.



Album Contents:  (Samples available below)


Track 1: Introduction

A short thank you message from The Honest Guys and a brief overview about the album.


Track 2: The Company of Elves

In this guided visualization you will journey through the rich woods of autumn to a meeting with the Elves who roam this land. You will see them passing through the woods, gleaming like a moonlit mist, something out of myth.  But here, they are real, and will welcome you among them.


Track 3: The Halls of the Elven King

Deep in an ancient forest the Elven King dwells with his people. They are elusive, and rarely seen. In this guided visualization you may walk into the great halls, carved from the earth in older times, and see the King. Few from the outside world have ever been here.


Track 4: Return to the Valley of the Elves

Waterfalls trail like mist down steep-sided cliffs and below them in the valley the Elves dwell as they have for thousands of years. Walk among the graceful buildings, listen to song, and rest in an enchanted place hidden from the world.


Track 5: The Journey into the West

It is said that there is a land beyond the sea, an ancient home of the Elves who sail from these shores as the world grows old. Few are those who have ever gone with them on their last journey, or witnessed their departure.


Track 6: Lament for the Ancient Homestead (by Rick Clarke)

This harp music was especially written for the 'Return to the Valley of the Elves' meditation, so we thought it appropriate to include it as a single on the album.




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