Running Deep

Guided Meditations for Runners


running deep

Take your run to the next level!

For many, running is an escape... a time to get away from our busy lives, if only for a little while, and clear our minds.  Running itself can be very much like meditating.  Running Deep will guide you in meditation as you run.  Created by the best meditation leaders in the world, Running Deep will help maximize your experience, both mentally and physically, each time you lace up your shoes and head out for your escape, your run.

The Running Deep album is designed to elevate your running experience... to help you gain more than just physical fitness from your run.  The meditation artists guide you as you run, teaching you to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  Your run will truly never be the same..




Each track is unique as the six artists come from varying meditative backgrounds thus having different approaches.  They each also have their own unique artistic style.  We believe there is something for everybody on the album.

Feel free to time your run based on the length of the track, but each is designed for you to continue your run after the meditation is over if you so choose.


The Honest Guys on Running Deep

The Honest Guys are proud to have have contributed two unique tracks to this album alongside some well known names including bestselling author and ultra marathon runner Danny Dreyer, Jason Stephenson, Michael Sealey, Linda Hall and Mantra Malta, each of whom all contributed two tracks to the album.

Both tracks contributed by The Honest Guys were written specifically for this album and are epic in nature, with powerful upbeat orchestral music and sound effects, along with Rick’s deep English voice.


Our Two track contributions are:

1) Run of Empowerment

A powerful running meditation that will take you into the heart of your freedom as a runner and empowering you with exhilaration and positive energy.  Realize your own power and the strength within you, as you run to reach your goal, feeling the pure, raw energy of the universe itself as it floods into you.

2) Running With the Wolves - Running Version

n this unique guided running visualization with epic music and sound effects, you get to experience the magic, exhilaration and freedom of running with a wolf-pack, leading them through a beautiful land of mountains, forest and clear rivers, on your journey to the sea. Feel the oneness and trust between you as these great wolves of legend run beside you across majestic and unspoiled lands. You will experience the exhilaration and freedom of running with them, as you are infused with the energy and thrill of leading the pack.


To hear samples & buy the album, please visit the Running Deep website…