Gateways to Serenity

Short, Time-Out Fantasy Meditations for Busy People.

(Now also available as an Audio CD here) 

gateways to serenity album cover

The Honest Guys are thrilled to announce our album "Gateways to Serenity".

  This is a unique collection of 13 short, fantasy guided meditations, designed to quickly calm your mind and bring you into a deep state of relaxation within the shortest possible time.

Averaging around 7 minutes each, these powerful, effective and immersive recordings have been designed to induce a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily, and are perfect for busy people, for children, or for anyone with limited time, or a short attention span.

The Gateways to Serenity album will allow you to take a powerful time-out where you can leave the stress and bustle of this world and allow yourself to be transported to a beautiful and inspiring fantasy-based environment.


There are 14 tracks and 13 environments to choose from;  Let your intuition guide you to one that's right for you at the time, perhaps the Angel Garden, the Lake of Stars, The Garden of Tranquility or the grounding peace of the Rain Temple.  Even this short amount of time will be of enormous benefit to mind and body and will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

These professionally made recordings use a deep and calming English male voice, blended with very high quality ambient sound effects and soothing music that will provide you with a highly enjoyable experience as they lull you quickly and easily into a serene relaxation without any effort on your part.  As simple as listening to music, these meditations are extremely easy to use, and regular use can provide enormous health benefits in the form of better energy, sharper, clearer thinking, better creativity and a whole host of other benefits that come from using guided meditations.

The audio is best enjoyed through headphones to benefit from the immersive effect of the high quality sounds, but it will also work without headphones.

Give yourself some well deserved rest and 'Me time' as we invite you to enter the Gateways of Serenity.

NOTE: Gateways to Serenity is now also available as a physical double CD Album from this link.



Album Contents:  (Samples available below)


Track 1: Introduction

A short thank you message from The Honest Guys and a brief overview of the album.


Track 2: The Angel Garden (Guided Meditation) (06:39)

The Angel Garden is a beautifully serene location; here you may allow your healing angels to clear your mind and radiate positive energy. A guided meditation that will surround you with peace.


Track 3: The Rain Temple (Guided Meditation) (08:45)

The Rain Temple, set high in the mountains is a place of power and magic, an ancient secure place. Use this guided meditation to cleanse yourself of stress and enter into a calm, relaxed state of mind.


Track 4: The Earthlight Cave (Guided Meditation) (06:25)

This is the cave of relaxation, a tranquil place within the earth that will ground you, away from your worries of the world.


Track 5: The Mountain Top (Guided Meditation) (06:31)

A motivational and spiritual place where you will discover the four elements of water, fire, air and earth in a beautifully calm location.


Track 6: The Cave of Stillness (Guided Meditation) (06:36)

Immerse yourself in the cave of stillness. This quiet, peaceful guided meditation will enable you to slow down and relax.


Track 7: The River of Eternity (Guided Meditation) (06:38)

The river of eternity is a spiritual guided meditation, your own personal stream of water, to reflect and revive your mind and fill your body with healthy energy.


Track 8: The Cradle of Life (Guided Meditation) (06:39)

Discover yourself as you float high above the turning planet Earth.


Track 9: Fields of Summer (Guided Meditation) (09:29)

Peaceful and joyful,  the Fields of Summer will surround you with the rich serenity of warmth, like entering childhood again.


Track 10: The Garden of Possibilities (Guided Meditation) (06:30)

This Zen garden will enable you to fill yourself with positive affirmations for the future and send them out into the limitless Universe.


Track 11: The Circle of Wisdom (Guided Meditation) (06:41)

A circle of stones under the star-filled night sky. This guided mediation will allow you to communicate with the universe and receive wisdom.


Track 12: The Garden of Tranquility (Guided Meditation) (06:43)

Green and flourishing, the Garden of Tranquility is a peaceful place for you to relax and surround yourself with peace and love.


Track 13: The Lake of Stars (Guided Meditation) (06:44)

Stars are born in this mystical lake. Sit beside it and absorb the mysteries and deep serenity of the Universe.


Track 14: The Snow Mountain (Guided Meditation) (06:35)

Gently glide across a snowy mountain landscape. The air is crisp and clear, and all is silent. Use this time to relax and embrace the calmness.



 NOTE: Gateways to Serenity is available both in mp3 download format (below), or now as a physical audio CD (double album) from our CD shop here.


(If your browser does not show the samples below, samples for this album can be found here on the CDBaby purchase page)