Eco Collection the honest guys
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  • The Same Great Audio

  • Much Less Packaging, so more Eco-Friendly

  • More Economical to Purchase

Look out for The Honest Guys “Eco Range”

OFFERED on selected audio productions

Our “Eco Range” of CD’s offers exactly the same great audio tracks on a CD disk, but without the traditional plastic jewel-case packaging. The Discs are contained in simple paper sleeves as illustrated above. They are posted in protective CD-mailing envelopes. The disk/album information and track listings are included on the back of the paper sleeves.

This arrangement means the packages are much smaller and lighter, so they can be posted more easily and at less cost. This ultimately makes them cheaper to buy, plus we are helping the environment by significantly reducing the amount of plastic we use.

Our Eco-Range shop can be found HERE (Very limited stock at the moment - but will be growing this week)


What Track(s) Would You Like on cd?

It’s important that we spend the available design time creating CD’s that people actually want, so please do let us know if you are after a particular track on CD.

There are two main factors that govern our ability to produce CD's...

1) The length of the audio track...

Audio CD's can only hold up to 80 minutes of audio on 1 disc. This is why producing an entire sleep album on CD will be almost impossible as it will require multiples of discs. However we can produce individual or multiple recordings on s CD, provided the sum total of the tracks do not exceed 80 minutes per disc.  We could also produce a 2/3/4 disc package, with each disc holding up to 80 minutes. 

2) Copyright license

Some of the audio we produce is governed by strict licensing and we are not able to sell everything we publish on YouTube. The audio we have available in our CDBaby shop has all been cleared for sale, and therefore is a good way to check if a certain audio production has the necessary licensing/clearance to be produced on CD. We can also potentially use some of our more recent tracks from YouTube.

If you would like to request specific Honest Guys tracks be made available on CD, please drop us a message via our contact page.


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