The Honest Guys Guided Meditations (Amazon Alexa APP)

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If you have an Amazon Alexa device (like the Dot, echo etc) you’ll be happy to know that we have been working alongside a company called voiceqube to bring some of our content to your home in new way. Now you’ll be able to enable a new Alexa skill called ‘The Honest Guys Guided Meditations’.

For more information on how it works please watch the short video below and refer to the updated list of commands further down this page.

Further Information and reference

Available directly via Amazon Alexa by simply saying the following phrase into your device -

Alexa, enable the Honest Guys skill

Or if you prefer you can manually enable it from the skills section of the Amazon store. Here are a few links -

US :
UK :

At first, we are launching this skill with eight high-quality meditations which serve various purposes like relaxation, self-improvement etc.

Skill Functionality :

Use the command: "Alexa, ask the honest guys to {your request}. " for the following functionalities.

You can use functionalities like :

-Play/Pause/Resume/Stop/Start over

-Shuffle On(Random) and Shuffle Off

-List Meditations


-If you have a specific meditation in mind then simply say "Alexa, ask The Honest Guys to begin *meditation name*" after starting the skill.

Current available meditations are:

1. Stress Buster (4 minutes).

2. Blissful relaxation (20 minutes)

3. Find your life purpose (13 minutes)

4. Universal light energy (12 minutes)

5. Stop negative self-talk (9 minutes)

6. Mindfulness (10 minutes)

7. Warrior of light (8 minutes)

8. Loneliness (12 minutes)

Made with love by The Honest Guys ( and Voice Qube (

If you have any suggestions regarding the improvement of this skill, reach us at (